Drink and drug fuelled man attempts sex with motorbike

Some men simply love machines; grey haired old men can be seen on most sunny summer days in classic sports car hood down, right foot hard down on the “loud pedal” trying to re-live the years of their youth, but now in a car that they only dreamed of then!  Others cannot wait to pull on their leathers and enjoy the thrill of sitting astride a two wheeled 240 horse power motor bike powering through the country roads.

But, the Folkestone Magistrates’ Court took a slightly different view to motor bikes and love, when 33 year old Kevin Chapman appeared before them for allegedly attempted to have sex with the Suzuki motorbike. The accused man denied that he exposed himself and to “grinding” the bike, he was also accused of exposing himself in the busy city centre, before “trying to have sex with a motorbike” exposing his genitals and attempting sexual  manoeuvres with the unfortunate bike. Now not content with trying to perform the impossible, he vented his frustration by punching and kicking the innocent Suzuki!

Now Mr Chapman is an alleged mechanofiliac, in case you might as we were wondering what that could be, it is a term given to a person who is sexually aroused by machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters, ships, and aeroplanes. Unsurprisingly here in the UK mechanophilia is a crime; we cannot answer for other countries!

Because Mr Chapman claims to have no recollection of the alleged incidents, he has pleaded not guilty to indecent exposure and causing criminal damage to the bike however he does remember dropping his trousers and claims that he did not kick and punch the bike, but was “pushed into it by homeless people”. The court heard that Chapman is receiving treatment and that he had something to drink on the day of the alleged offence and overdosed.  The matter was adjourned and will face trail at the same court on June 13.

Poor Mr Chapman has another charge to answer, nothing to do with motor bikes we believe. In a separate case, Chapman also appeared at the same court for sending obscene messages on January 2 and again he pleaded not guilty. The allegation concerns a message, received by an unnamed person, in which the message, according to the prosecutor said: “I’m coming for you, it’s your last day. I’m gonna cut you up so you are not recognisable”.  He will have to face trial for this allegation on June 8 at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court.

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